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Proper Labeling of Cookware and Bakeware

By law, the U.S. Customs Service states that products imported to the U.S. must be labeled clearly with the items country of origin. Failure to properly label can result in delays in clearing customs, and a marking duty penalty of ten percent of the customs value can also be assessed in addition to expensive marking at the point of entry.

Each imported article produced abroad (is) to be marked in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly, and permanently as the nature of the article permits, with the English name of the country of origin, to indicate to the ultimate purchaser in the United States the name of the country in which the article was manufactured or produced.

Note the key requirements of the marking:

Conspicuous - Not hidden, but visible to casual inspection. Legibly - Type large enough and with enough contrast to enable the label to be read by the average person. Indelibly - Not an ink designed to fade or a label with inadequate adhesive Permanently as the nature of the article permits-Subject to reasonable interpretation.

The purpose of the labeling rule is to indicate to the ultimate user the country from which the article originated. In cookware or bakeware, clearly the end ultimate user is the consumer, and not the retailer of the product.

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